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Twin Extreme Virtual Assistants. EVA and EVAN are your own twin personal assistants for Android. Using text to speech and voice recognition they almost turn your phone into a completely hands-free device.


Take your pick, if you prefer a female helping you then EVA is for you otherwise EVAN is more than ready. Be sure to have an appropriate voice. Download the SVOX Classic app from the Market to browse through the English speaking voices that are available.


Complete Command List is now available
Complete Online/Printable Documentation is now available

It's as simple as shaking your phone to get her attention and then you speak your requests using natural phrases. 'Eva, what's on my agenda for next week?', 'Post an update to Facebook', 'text John hey what's up', 'get directions to John's home', 'find images of kittens on google', 'tell John where I am'.


These are just a sampling of the sort of requests you can ask EVA. She understands all types of variations. With Google's voice recognition learning ability, over time she will get to the point that she almost always understands you. 


For the best experience, please be sure to install SVOX Classic from the Market and purchase an appropriate voice depending on whether you choose EVA or EVAN. They are only $2.99 and well worth the price because they will work with any text to speech app on your device. Install this before starting EVA.


Below is a just a sampling of the features included with EVA.


Activate just by shaking your phone


Announcing Incoming Calls


Expense reports

- you can make quick reports as easily as saying something like 'lunch just cost me $20'. Then say 'list my expenses for this month'.



- just say 'flashlight' and EVA will turn it on and say it once more and it's off.


Getting directions via Google Maps

- Say 'get directions to John's house' or 'get directions to the nearest McDonalds'.


Getting Basic Stock Quotes

- you can create a quick list of your portfolio and EVA can open Google finance to view the latest data.


Google Earth searches

- say 'find New York City on Google Earth'.



- Say 'create a new journal entry' and she'll prompt you for each sentence. Want to find one, just say 'what journal entries do I have for July' or 'Find journal entries containing breakfast'.


Loading Web pages or Bookmarks

- this is absolutely the fastest way to get to your favorite web pages. EVA will allow you to create a bookmark to any web page. When you want to load it just say 'open my page'


Making Calls

- Call John is all you need to say. If you have multiple numbers EVA will ask which one to use or you can say Call John's mobile number or Call John at home or get John on the phone.


Managing Contacts

- EVA can search your contacts, display contact details, change the details all just by asking. 'Display John', 'change his home number to 555-555-1234', 'change his twitter id to @JohnTheExample', 'change his email to john at google dot com'. EVA can understand it all.

- Looking for a contact, just say 'Find contacts containing j o h' and EVA will list and read the names of all matches. From there you can select one of them and click on the number to dial it or the email to send a new email.


Managing Contact Groups

- Need to group your contacts? Just say 'create new group my group' then 'include John', 'include Mary' and you are done.

- Want to email a group or text a group? Just say 'email my group' or 'text my group' and EVA will prompt you for the message.


Managing Lists

- create lists and add items to quickly manage the things in your life.


Managing your Calendar

- create events, search for events or create quick reminders. 'what's on my agenda for tomorrow'.


Mapping addresses and locations

- similar to directions but just displays the requested location.



- create, delete, complete and search. Let EVA keep track of your notes.


Posting on Facebook

- Fastest way to post a status update.


Sending and receiving Text Messages


Sending Email


Starting Applications

- Open facebook is all you need to say. EVA can open and app and assign custom words to any app.


Tell someone your location

- via a google map link



- post a twitter update


Web Searches

- simple as 'find pictures of kittens on google'


Works with Bluetooth Headsets

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